Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make it Count

I live about 15-20 minutes away from a full grocery store.  So when I "go into town" to get groceries I really try to make my trips count!  

The other day I was short some ingredients needed for a potluck dish.  

Usually I would send My Sweetie a list and have him do it, but I really didn't have anything else going on and it was a beautiful day.  So, into the car we jumped and into town we drove.  

Little Dude found a cart "just his size" and it was THE BEST shopping trip ever!!! 

He was so adorable and good.  He pushed that cart around like a pro, making sure not to crash and following directions perfectly!  

Usually I push the big mommy sized cart and he helps by putting the groceries in the cart.  

But this day was different.  

He pushed and I put the groceries in the cart and he said, "You be my helper."  


When we were all finished with our list he unloaded the entire cart so we could check out. 

I asked him if he would pay and he seemed confused, so I told him not to worry about it this time.

I was given the total.  

I opened my wallet.  


My one and only card that I use wasn't there!!!!!  


I had no cash.  

I had no check.  

I was embarrassed!  


I guess I wasn't going to be paying afterall. 

Little Dude was very confused as to WHY we weren't getting the groceries that had just shopped for.  

Poor Kid.  

So, despite my EXTREME frustration (at myself because I had left my card in the back pocket of a pair of pants) to make our trip into town count we stopped off at the park to play on our way home. 

Then sent The Daddy a text with the list so he could pick up the things we needed.  

Each day is such a gift from God.  Sometimes they don't go the way we had planed.  But when we don't make each moment count by making the best of the situation we are in, then we might just miss out on something precious that God had planned for us all along. 

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