Monday, October 25, 2010

Even There...

"Even there your hand will lead me" 
Psalm 139:10

 I was heading home from my first MOPS meeting of the year.  This verse was rolling around in my head.  It was our theme verse for the year.  (Isn't it a GOOD one!!!)

It was a beautiful September Tuesday afternoon.  I kept peeking over my shoulder to see if Little Dude had fallen asleep yet.  It wasn't until we reached our little town that sits along the banks of the Mississippi river that his eyes began to get droopy.  I decided to drive around just a bit longer to make sure he was good and asleep before going home and carrying him in the house.  

As I was driving I had this nudging to "drive by the house" 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

Not my house.  But a house that My Sweetie and I had looked at back in April. 

We had looked at the house several times, taken our parents through and then just dropped the subject. 

We didn't need to move.  But for the past 3 year have been causally looking on and off at houses. 

While visiting with his barber (ehem, who just so happens to also be a realtor!  Small town livin' IS the best!), My Sweetie learned that seller was to desperate to sell.  We knew that they had re-listed the house with a new real estate agency (the same agency that the barber/realtor guy works for, of course.) and had significantly dropped the price since we had looked at it last.  We had driven out to the house Sunday after Church and our interest in this home was perking up a bit.  

"Even there your hand will lead me"

As I turned onto the long, narrow country road that leads to the housing addition that the house was in, I giggled thinking how funny it would be if My Sweetie just happened to have driven out there also.  Perhaps THAT'S why I had such a strong nudging to drive out to the house. 

As I approached the neighborhood I could see the back of the house.  I gasped just a moment and in my head said, "That is MY house!"

"Even there your hand will lead me"

I turned into the neighborhood and then my heart stopped. 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

The sign was GONE! 

The Realtor lock box was GONE!!!! 

My stomach sank and I was ANGRY!!! 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

I attempted to call My Sweetie but only got his voice mail so left a cheery, "HEY!!  How's it going." message. 

Two year ago there were two houses that we were interested in.  We were ready to put an offer in on one and someone else did it before we did and we didn't do anything about it.  We put an offer on a second home and shortly after 2 more people put an offer in our the same home.  Our offer was countered but we chose to keep our offer on the table as it was. 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

So you can imagine how frustrated I was to see a third house that we were interested in to no longer have a sign in front.  A THIRD closed door????  UGH!!! 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

When I got home My Sweetie was on the phone.  Which would explain why I had gotten his voice mail.  After he was off the phone I told him he needed to call the Realtor and see what was going on!!!! 

Apparently the seller had decided to unlist it briefly to refinance the home since the rates were so low and since no one had been interested.  He was preparing to use it as a rental when his contract expired with the real estate agency. 

My Sweetie just so happened to live next door to the guy who lived next door to the house that was for sale and called him.   

 "Even there your hand will lead me"

 He was able to get the sellers personal phone number.  They talked for quite awhile, My Sweetie told him he was interested in the house, and would like to work with him privately. The next day the seller called My Sweetie saying he was going to re-list the house and if we'd like to work with him privately he'd be willing to do so once his contract expired in November. 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

This sounded like a GREAT plan to us!  We had time to prep our current home and could really look hard and close at our finances and be prepared!!!! 

The weight had been lifted. 

I was free to plan BuhBuh's birthday and get back to enjoying life. 

Less than 48 hours after the perfect plan was in place the phone rang. 

It was the seller. 

He had received an offer. 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

OF COURSE he received an offer, because WEEEEE WERE INTERESTED!!!!!  ****sigh**** 

 "Even there your hand will lead me"

He told us if we were interested that he would wait for us to make an offer but we had to do it quickly.  Otherwise he was going to accept the offer that had been made.

"Even there your hand will lead me"

So here we were feeling rushed, overwhelmed and unprepared to make such a huge decision in just a few short hours. 

 "Even there your hand will lead me"

The realtor put together paper work for us and we met him at the house that evening.  We went over the paperwork carefully, asked questions and decided to walk through the house one more time.  Then came the time to sign the offer.   My Sweetie froze.   He was thinking and re-thinking and maybe even over-thinking a wee bit but I was not going to sign or tell him to sign a thing.  He needed to be the one to sign first and to take this first step.  He is and probably always will be the main provider for our family.  The financial burden rests solely on him.  I wanted the house.  Yes.  But I wanted a happy husband more.  I don't want him to feel like he's working to make a house payment.  That is not what he wants and it's not what I want for him or our family.   

He decided that he needed some more time; that he would sign it sometime the next day if the window was still open.  I assured him that it was OK.  

 "Even there your hand will lead me"
The realtor turned off the lights to the house, we walked outside and My Sweetie sat down on the front porch with the boys.  The realtor walked out, locked up the door and stood there for a moment.  He said good bye and started to leave.

Before he could leave, My Sweetie stopped him saying he'd sign the papers.  Back into the house we went, flipped on the lights and signed the papers.  

 "Even there your hand will lead me"

**deep breath**

When we were done My Sweetie asked if we could have some time and lock up when we left.  After the realtor left we went and sat in front of the fireplace (SQUEAL!!!) as a family and My Sweetie just took a deep breath and told the boys that this wasn't something that happened everyday and it was something he wanted them to remember.  We walked through the house one more time before driving away.

 "Even there your hand will lead me"

By 9 a.m. the next morning we had a verbal acceptance from the seller.  Then Monday morning the offer was officially signed. 

"Even there your hand will lead me"

We have been frantically packing, repairing, cleaning, getting appraised and getting finances in order.

  Today we officially closed a new house and this weekend we will move our children from the only home they have ever known into a new home.  

And despite the crazy that has taken over our house in addition to the normal crazy of the fall season I know that.....

"Even there your hand will lead me"

I know that people buy houses all the time.  I know that new home dreams are fulfilled for both people who have a relationship with Jesus and those who don't.  I know that new home dreams are crushed for both people who have a relationship with Jesus and those who don't.  Things either go your way or they don't.  

But I also know that often times people only cry out to God in their time of deep need and forget to give thanks for the blessings that God's hand has lead them too as well.  Believe me, I too have been guilty of this.

I know, with all my heart, that the only way things have turned out the way they have for our family has been by His hand leading us all along; leading us through the dozens of houses we've looked at, leading us though the heartbreak of house offers that didn't work out, leading us through blueprints possibilities for the house we are in now that didn't work out, leading us in ways that we may not have recognized, all so we could be right here with this blessing in our life.  

So I'm recognizing His hand and thanking Him for this blessing.  As we move forward with this move and with trying to sell our current home, I will trust that.

"Even there your hand will lead me"

My challenge to you...Look for the places in your life that God's hand has been leading YOU.  They may be big.  They may be small.  They may seem insignificant.  They may be in the middle of a valley.  His hand has been guiding you all along to this point, can you look back on something and see it now?  We can't appreciate all that God does for us, all the ways that His hand leads us if we don't look. 


Sarah said...

Congratulations! Course - it still looks like a mansion to me :) Can't wait to see all of the pictures and hear about new memories in your beautiful new home!

Kristi said...

Congrats and Thank You. I needed this reminder that I don't have to make all the decisions but rather be lead. Zach's been looking into a new job that would require relocating. I'm looking at all of the negatives forgetting that if it is where we are suppose to be, it will work out. Your faith is amazing and it has helped mine grow.

ari said...

Isn't it wonderful when we can look and see the hand of our great God! When we realize the creator of the universe does care about our "little" dreams. He has changed my heart and plans the last couple years to meet his wonderful hand of guidance. It's a much better place when we follow His lead.

Chervenka5 said...

How awesome. Awesome house. Awesome story. Awesome God. As one who followed God to a house I personally wouldn't have chosen I can tell you the blessings are only beginning to flow! Congratulations!

Shawnelle said...

What a beautiful story, much here..trusting the Lord to lead you,recognizing your husband as provider and desiring his comfort and peace, praising God for His blessing and giving Him the glory, the fireplace scene with your husband and boys, moving your beautiful family to a new's precious. Thank you so much for sharing - encourages me to trust His lead. I needed the reminder.