Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Racing through September

September has flown by and kept us on our toes!!! With two of the kids in two different sports this fall and all the other "normal" stuff there have been some nights when we've actually needed our jogging shoes on to keep up.

We had more birthday celebrations for our new 7 year old to do. He wanted a family party "at home"
We also gave him a little party for friends at the children's museum.

The kids each were able to make a rocket then they launched them in the lobby of the hotel. It was really fun to watch the rockets fly and see the smiles running to chase them down to run them back and try again.

Even The Daddy had fun!

Isn't he cute??!!! :)

We've had two soccer games a week. BuhBuh does such a good job of "getting in there"

Last night he even scored a goal!!!! (Sadly, I missed it because I was just getting back from picking The Boy up from football.)

Saturday mornings we've had football games to watch.

The Boy is also doing a good job of doing what he is suppose to out on the field.

For it being his first year, and having a cast on I'd say he's doing a pretty good job.

One game he even had a fumble recovery which had this momma proud and excited! The cast is officially off now. WOOHOO! Hopefully we can make it a little longer than 10 months until the next one. EEK!

During the day things are a little less hectic. I have my typical mommy work to do and there is always something for missions or children or youth that I am working on for church.

With my mommy friends having their babies off to school this year I had to find some things for Little Dude and I to do.

I'm going to Bible Study on Mondays which are a little challenging to have a 2-year old sit through....when this book study is done I might not do anymore until he's in preschool.

BUT, I did join a MOPS group which I am really enjoying. Little Dude has his own class he goes to and plays and does projects which he is always so proud of.

I get to sit and eat yummy food, and enjoy some time with other moms. I'm excited to see what other blessings come from belonging to this group.

He and I also are going to the Story Time at the Library. I forgot how much I missed that from when I did it with BuhBuh. It is a nice time just to focus on him without the distraction of the big kids or the chores at home. He has made a project there that he is very proud of too.

We've also been able to play with our friend Emery. I hope that we can do that some more but it's good for the both of them.

October begins tomorrow. I can't believe it. However, I'm looking forward to the trip My Sweetie and I get to take in 2 weeks!!!! BERMUDA!!!! I will miss the kids but they will be in very good grandma hands while we are gone. I am however looking forward to some much needed connecting time with My Sweetie and relaxing break from reality.

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Chervenka5 said...

Where are you doing MOPS at? Just asking because the church we were members at before our move (Grandview) had a MOPS group. :)