Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marathon Momma's Thursday

6 a.m. Alarm goes off I hit snooze twice
6:15-7:05 a.m. I wake up kids, make breakfast and facilitate the getting ready for the day process and having morning devotion
7:13 a.m. Take kids to bus
7:20 a.m. Run to Church and check to make sure all ingredients for Mission Meal have arrived
7:45-10:00 a.m. Do a bunch of random things around the house such as make phone calls, talk to hubby, tiddy up keep Little Dude company while he watches some cartoons and I write a letter
10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Errands such office: hang flier, library: hang flier, parish office: drop off fliers, children's museum: pick up bday invites carrying a sleeping child, grocery store: carrying a sleeping child, mandatory taco bell drive through: I was hungry! other post office: hang flier, home: drop some groceries, dollar store: buy water, church: drop off rest of groceries, start cooking meat, head back home
1:30-3:30 p.m. Dishes, 2 loads of laundry, hand out snacks to Little Dude, sit on computer (GEESH! What a slacker!!!)
3:40 p.m. Welcome home BuhBuh and The Boy with hugs and smiles and visit with them asking about their day and homework
3:50 p.m. Run to church and put food in oven, run to drop off bday flowers and card to friend
4-something p.m. Back home, 1st grade homework, tell The Boy to eat and get dressed for football, feed BuhBuh and Little Dude too
4:55 p.m. Run back to church (we live close) get food ready to be loaded into father-in-laws car to be driven to the Meal Site
5:15 p.m Run back home pick up The Boy drive him to football practice
5:30 p.m. Back home, more 1st grade homework, get BuhBuh ready for soccer with cranky 2 year old on my hip
6:30 p.m. Give said cranky two year old bath and laugh when he refuses his jammies and gets me a collared polo shirt, we agree on a different shirt and mis matched pj bottoms
7 p.m. Read 20 trillion books to Little Dude, say prayers then listen to him cry when I turn off the lights and sit by his bed while I start this post
Current Time: 7:28 p.m. Still sitting in the dark but now I'm typing with one hand....the other one is being held by a seemingly sleeping darling little boy.

The night is still young!!!!!! 7th grade homework to monitor, showers for my football and soccer players to make sure get done, read to BuhBuh, kiss him goodnight, and tell The Boy not to stay up too late.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can be more productive!

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Sarah said...

I'm tired reading this....

What do you mean more productive? You got laundry AND dishes done in one day? What are you, supermom?