Thursday, September 17, 2009

7 years old

Sometimes I just don't know where the time goes. As my kids get older, and especially this year for some reason, I just wish more and more that I could freeze time and put the in a bubble and make each day last an entire week. Despite our busy schedules, I am learning the true art of soaking in each good moment, living in the moments because moments are precious yet brief and will pass by quickly and be forgotten if we don't

My BuhBuh turned 7 yesterday. We celebrated with all the traditional things we do in our home. The Birthday Boy wakes up to streamer art from The Daddy, we open gifts (he guessed almost all of them correctly. What a smart cookie!) and have cinnamon rolls. There was also a birthday treat to be shared at school and then a birthday dinner of the honored child's choosing. Last night was Church so we shared with all of our Wednesday night friends too! He didn't think he should have to do homework on his birthday, thankfully he didn't have too much to do last night.

In the last year my BuhBuh has completed kindergarten and transitioned into 1st grade. He is learning to read and write and spell. I can tell that math is going to be easy for him just like it is for his big brother. He has played soccer, t-ball, taken art classes and cooking classes, joined scouts and taken swim lessons. He is an amazing big brother to Little Dude and knows how to push The Boy's buttons, especially when all he wants is some sort of attention from his big brother. His favorite thing is still Star Wars; I think he was born that way. He still says things that crack us up. I don't post as many of them as I would like and I post them because I don't want to forget those kind of moments. He is an amazing helper around the house. He is quickly growing into a big boy but he will still snuggle up, give me hugs and wants mommy to tuck him in at night.

This little boy of mine holds a special place in my heart because he wouldn't have been here if life would have travled the path I was trying to direct it to go. He was and is my second chance. He reminds me everyday of what grace and forgivness from both God and my husband is.

Happy Birthday BuhBuh.....we have some more celebrating to do with family and friends!!! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend! Mostly I'm looking forward to all of the amazing moments he brings to my life and our family over the next year.

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jen said...

Enjoy your birthday Buh-Buh. And enjoy your boy mama!