Sunday, September 20, 2009

Future Lawyer???

BuhBuh: Is it illegal for a white person to marry a black person???

Me: Absolutely not.

Deep for a 7 year old I thought.......I have no idea where this question came from. It was out of the blue in the car. He must do most of his thinking in the car.

Later that afternoon he asked another question.

BuhBuh: Is it illegal to sleep while you are driving???

Me: It's very dangerous because if you are sleeping you can't see where you are going and will probably crash your car.

Moments later he asked....

BuhBuh: Is it illegal to lick a phone??

He said this as he picked up my phone and pretend to lick it.

Me: No BuhBuh, no it's not. But please don't lick my phone.

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Chervenka5 said...

What is about the car that causes the questions to flow (non-stop!) from kids? I keep meaning to do a post on one of our rides, but the questions are so random I can never remember them afterwards! :)