Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Goodbye Summer...

Labor Day seems to be the "unofficial" end of summer even though according to the calendar we still have a couple of more weeks. With the kids already back in school summer feels like it ended for us a few weeks ago. We had, in my opinion, one of THE best summers! We had a lot of fun and it went really fast. I am one of those moms who LOVE having their kids home. It can be loud and crazy but it's so much more of a laid back causal time of the year for us.

I haven't really been ready to let the summer go and getting back into the swing of the school year has been more of a challenge for me this year than it has been in years past. I feel like a crabby mommy in the morning and in the evenings my feet just can't keep up with the clock. I'm trying to get Little Dude to fall asleep in his own bed and by the time that last task of the day is done, there is nothing left of me to give to My Sweetie. Often times he's waking me up next to the toddler bed and telling me to go to bed.

We spent this past weekend up in Milwaukee visiting my brother and his family; our niece turned one. All of my brothers were there and so was my mom, dad and grandma. It was relaxing and a good time and just what I needed to take on the business that the fall generally entails in our family.

I'm sure there were still be crabby mommy moments in the mornings, and I don't foresee our evening schedule getting any lighter until after the holidays. But I finally feel ready to say goodbye to summer and ready to tackle the rest of 2009 with a smile (most of the time!)

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