Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Dump

I have so many pictures to post....mostly for Sarah and Becky to see!!! ENJOY!!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving pictures....

Little Dude was eating the insides of his pumpkin. I figured it couldn't hurt too much, right?

Halloween 2008

Little Dude's costume was a HIT!!!!

I think BuhBuh won't be satisfied until he dresses up as every Star Wars character there is. I don't like masks...I like to see their faces. He was soooo happy to with his costume. He's wore it several days since around the house.

The Boy fights me every year because he wants to be something scary or evil. I ask him if he loves Jesus, he says, yes. Then I tell him that I don't think someone who loves Jesus should be dressed as something that is opposite of everything Jesus stands for. So, we have to get creative. Can you tell what he is???

He's Starbucks!!!!! HA!!!! Aren't we clever??? :)

My Sweetie's Pumpkin's.

He's amazing!!! He doesn't use a pattern or special carving tools. He just looks at a picture, sketches it out on paper and carves it with a knife. The kids choose what they want on their pumpkin.

The Boy chose a character from Mario, Boo

BuhBuh chose, what else, a Clon Trooper

We chose Clifford for Little Dude...he loves dogs and has enjoyed watching Clifford cartoons.

I had a treat on Halloween night too!!!! A visit from my friend Sarah!!!!

Her in-laws live across the street from my in-laws. The Boy went over to trick-or-treat and saw them and invited them over to see us!!!

These pictures were from a beautiful 70 degree November day...by the end of the week it actually felt more like November-snow flakes and all. So we were trying to soak it up!

This wasn't the frame worthy photo I was hoping for. Little Dude did NOT like being in the leaves!!!

Little Dude's play date with his Little Buddy....

They are so cute! They don't exactly interact with one another yet. So appreciate these few pictures of them together.

The future of tomorrow....

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Sarah said...

Yay! If you didn't post today I was going to start sending threatening emails and obscene phone calls. Actually, I was just going to call and let Emery drool on the phone.

I love the ones at the museum. I'm going to pull them if you don't mind :)

Oh, and Samuel wore Emery out again. He fell asleep in the car in about 30 seconds from leaving.