Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Appointments

I called to make a much needed appointment with my midwife, Rita, today. The lady that answered the phone was someone different than who usually answers when I call.

Me: Hi, yes, I need to make an appointment with Rita.
Lady on Phone: Are you a current patient?
Me: Yes.
Lady on Phone: Are you having a problem of some sort?
Me: Yes, I haven't had a period since I quite nursing back in May and haven't had one at all since October of 2007. At my annual exam, Rita told me not to go too long, and I've let it go too long so I need to see her.
Lady on Phone: Have you taken a pregnancy test?
Me: No.
Lady on Phone: Are you using any kind of precautions?
Me: No
Lady on Phone: (with an annoyed laugh in her voice) Then what makes you think you aren't pregnant?
Me: (Baffled by this response) Because I am unable to get pregnant because I don't have periods.

Even though I know just enough about the female reproductive system, and especially my body, to be dangerous I gave her the short, uncomplicated response. I was nice. I understand the questions. It's part of her job. I get it. I know that it's not part of her job to know what I've gone through to have my children. The part that made me mad was that she LAUGHED like I was stupid for not thinking I was pregnant.

Regardless of what she knows or doesn't know about the person on the other side of the phone and regardless of what questions she is suppose to ask, she should never assume that they are stupid and she should never laugh.


Stepping off my soapbox and continuing on with my day. :)


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I totally know how you feel. In her defense, though, she probably deals with stupid people at least 10 times a day. Either that, or she is an idiot herself. Sorry she laughed at you. You deserve better.

And you know what I find funny? In the hospital after a woman has a baby (mind you after her fourth IVF attempt) the doctor will come in and say "and what birth control methods are you planning on using."

One woman actually said "my defective ovaries you numbnuts!"

Andrea said...

Yikes...sometimes people do not think before they speak. I love when I go to the Dr...especially when they ask the question "the date of your last period?" Um, if you would have read my file you would have seen that I had cancer and there for had all my reproductive organs removed...HELLOO.
I sometimes just like when I give the date 2/2006. They just stop and look at me like I have lost my mind.
Anyway, good luck to your appt

Chalyn said...

I bet it was the mean one that usually checks you out. I have never liked her. Go straight to Rita and tell her your experience. I bet she will handle it. On the bright will be able to see Rita and talk with her. I really do love my annual appts. because I get to talk with her :)