Monday, November 24, 2008

The cutest smile in the world!

It was about 2:45 p.m. last Thursday afternoon and the phone rang. It was the transportation director for the schools. He said that he wasn't sure what exactly happened but that BuhBuh had his tooth punched out by another boy. You could tell the poor man was a little stressed about this. I assured him that if it was the tooth I thought it was it was hanging on by a thread and that it wouldn't have taken a whole lot for the tooth to come out. He told me the other kid had received a conduct slip.

I debated whether or not I should go to the bus stop or not. Little Dude was sleeping so I decided to let the other two walk home like they usually do.

BuhBuh walked in all smiles and in a good mood. He told me he had lost his tooth. I asked him how it happened.

Lucas: "I got hit and it came out. He had stinky breathe so I was holding my book bag up in front of my face like 'dis (demonstrating how he was holding his bag) and he hit me"

I figured out who the other kiddo was...he's the son of my sister-in-laws neighbor. Occasionally he brings his boys to church. They did come to church this Sunday....the first time in a long time and sat behind us. BuhBuh saw his bus friend with stinky breath and peeked up over the pew and gave him a cute toothless grin. The dad kind of chuckled and looked over at his son. My Sweetie did make a point to go up to the dad and let him know that we felt bad that his kiddo got a conduct slip because the tooth really was ready to come out.

I get the joy now of seeing this smile....

One of the cutest smiles of childhood!!!

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