Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little Buddies

Is it such a terrible thing that I try to manipulate who my children are friends with?? I want my kids to be friends with other kids who are going to lift them up, encourage them, make good choices and grow up with memories of good, strong friendships. Is it really so bad to sway them in certain directions???

Today Samuel and I met Emery and his mommy Sarah at the zoo. The boys are both "experienced" walkers now. We let them out of their strollers to explore a little more independently. They seemed to have fun. So much in fact, that they never once turned around so I could get a picture of them A. Together and B. Looking at me.

They are both very unaware of one another still. But with some more play dates, growing a little older and some slight manipulation from the mommies, I'm certain they will grow up buds!

Both Emery and Little Dude seemed to like the ducks the best. You see, "Duck" is Emery's favorite word and Little Dude fell in love with ducks on our vacation.

We had a good time. Remember how I said I thought I was manipulating my children's friends??? Well, it got me thinking of all the ways/chances Sarah and I could have met. We actually met on our Walk to Emmaus weekend. But it just so happens that our in-laws live across the street from one another, we both graduated from the same high school within a few years of one another, and her sister is friends with my mom. Hmmmmm.....it seems we were meant to run into one another at one time or another. I have truly been blessed and inspired by her story, her strength, her bravery in showing when she's hurt and/or scared and in the fact that her faith has remained strong throughout this journey that she has been on. I remember reading their Carepage and now Blog thinking how much I was looking forward to our boys being able to meet and hopefully grow up being friends. That day has arrived!!!! I look forward to more play dates and hopefully they will pose for a picture one day!

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Sarah said...

That's the cutest post ever! We had a great time, and no it's not wrong to try and guide your children - well, I suppose it would be if you were trying to guide them into the Hari Krishna.

We've got lots of nice weather left for playdates!