Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dells Vacation!

We are home! Last week at this time I was running around the house trying to get everything ready to go....tonight we are home and the stuff that was once so neatly "ready to go" has been dumped in my kitchen and dining room. The fridge is empty, the grass is long the garden is overgrown and I can't figure out why I'm not sleeping right now!!!

All in all, we had a GREAT time!!!! Last summer we just took a mini-cation to Chicago for a few days since Little Dude was still very wee. My Sweetie has not been away from work for a week long vacation since we went to Disney in Feb. of 2006. This was very much deserved for him and it was some much needed family fun time for all of us. I did learn one thing....having a 15-month on vacation is NOT easy!!!! But we survived beautifully, and I figure if Little Dude wasn't acting 15 months, what fun would THAT have been???

Here are a few highlights....I'll try to keep it short.

Last Saturday while I was at a baby shower in Milwaukee for my sister-in-law, My Sweetie and My Dad took the kids on a little outing.

They had wanted to do a Stadium Tour, but missed it by 20 minutes.

We spent the night in Milwaukee. My Sweetie thought the room smelled like blood and wanted to know who had been stabbed in our room. Although not the fanciest of places, and yes it had a smell, I think he was exatrating a wee bit. We met my brother and sister-in-law for breakfast then we headed to the zoo in Milwaukee. I was VERY excited that my membership to our zoo paid for our admission AND parking!!!

After all our fun at the zoo we headed up to the Dells. Our room was was away from the main part of the resort but a nice, easy walk to everything. Each boy had their own bed and we had a king sized bed in a room WITH DOORS!!!! We also had a little kitchenette which made having drinks easy. The view from our room was just as lovely as the the room itself and every morning we would go outside and visit with the little ducks that came looking for breakfast.

Our resort had a waterpark which we visited everyday but Tuesday and today. The Boy was off and running trying out all the slides. BuhBuh was such a brave little monkey, having no problem going down slides I thought he was just too little for. Little Dude got more and more comfortable with the water as the week went on.

We spent some time checking out the shops in downtown Dells which the boys were all bored with. But we did get some nice pictures along the river walk.

We spent a day at Noah's Ark. I was so glad we went!!! I remember how much fun I had there when I was a kid and am so glad we were able to take our kids. We all had fun and Little Dude was so well behaved. We stayed until closing and all were asleep early that night.

One day we rode this adorable train on a beautiful, scenic short ride. The people there were all volunteers and truly loved what they did. They were so friendly and nice and it made for a nice outing.

After our train ride we went to play at a family fun area.

Our resort had a Chop House restaurant and we were very excited about a yummy dinner out. The food was GREAT, Little Dude was unhappy the entire time and My Sweetie and I took turns out in the hall with him. We took dessert to go.

You can't go to the Dells without playing mini-golf!!! Half way through our game there was lightening so we had to quite. They gave us enough rain tickets for almost 2 more games!!! Of course we took advantage of that. We were able to play one of the easier courses and the hardest course. The boys were so funny. They'd be so excited about how well they played on their last hole and end up in tears at how poorly they played the next.

We took a picture walk through grounds of the resort just before leaving. There were so many pretty things to look at.

We spent our last day playing our last round of golf, strolling through Downtown Dells and having a nice lunch at a German restaurant. We left the Dells knowing that we had to return to the real world. We took a very scenic drive through Wisconsin on our way home. We were looking for a town that has yummy wine and beer. We found it but it took us 2 hours longer than it should have to get home, but we made it!

We played hard, ate well and had a blast!!! What a blessing it is to have good, quality family time together.

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