Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Middle School Already?????

The first picture is of The Boy's first day of school today.....his first day of Middle School!!!! The second picture was taken 5 years ago on his first day of first grade. WHERE has time gone???? And why has it gone so fast??? Middle School???? Really???? Already????

As we pulled into the parking lot of the Middle School last night to get his schedule and locker assignment he said, "These kids all look so big." Funny how he was thinking the same thing I was. We practiced the locker several times and helped him find his classes so he could meet all of his teachers. He seemed pretty excited.

Last night I was procrastinating my bedtime because I knew what this morning was. I'm sad partly because I wish that I could either freeze time or at least slow it down to keep my kids from growing up so quickly!! But I can't and I know that. I was worried about the transition between being in a contained classroom in elementary school to changing classes and teachers in middle school. I am worried about how to parent a pre-teen child and help them to continue to learn and grow and feel good in their own skin while dealing with all the changing hormones and drama that can come during this season of his life. I am worried about him having friends, about him having good friends and about how others will treat him. I am worried about how he will react if he is ever faced with a negative situation. I just have to trust in the young man that he is and know that he does makes good choices and know does not put up with people who don't. I just hope that others don't take advantage of my sweet boy. What's a mother to do??

I also have academic worries. I've told him the secret to success in Middle School is organization. Towards the end of 4th grade we did a ADHD screening which scored him at about 70% with his biggest challenge fell into the inattentiveness part of ADHD. I have refused to label him as such because it's just a label. I don't want him to ever feel that he is in any way different, he just has different ways of learning and doing things and occasionally needs guidance towards the best way. I worry too that he may have a little bit of a learning disability called dysgraphia.....he hasn't been screened for this like he has the ADHD, so I'm not sure if it's just part of the ADHD or if it is an additional challenge for him.

My goal this year is to be in early contact with the school counselor about my concerns and worries, and to watch his grades closely so that we can fix any problems that may arise. I want to be in regular contact with his language arts/communications teacher because this is the area he struggles with most. I need to be patient because I know from the past that homework is a struggle. I need to be his advocate and voice if there are academic struggles so he doesn't get lost. I need to be his biggest supporter and try my best to keep his confidence and self-esteem up. I feel that it is extremely important for him to learn the ways in which he learns best now so that he can have a successful academic Middle School experience which hopefully will carry on through high school and beyond.

Well, he is home now....he clearly survived and just told me, "I really like my new school."


Shannon said...

Deep breaths together! We WILL make it through this!

I know, I know we don't have a choice. Sigh!

Well I do wish you the best though!

Sarah said...

So grown up! I wish I knew how to suspend time as well. When you figure that one out, please let me know!

Oh, and we're ready for a play date as well! What's next week like for you?

jen said...

Wow does he look like his Daddy?! I'm glad you've put so much thought and consideration into what challenges may present themselves for him at school...I work with kids in the schools who have all kinds of needs (dysgraphia included). Talking to the counselor is a great place to start and an open dialogue with teachers is also key. You are truly his best advocate and know him better than anyone else. He's lucky to have you! Good luck this school year and while not overlooking diffiulties praise the success like crazy!! :)