Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kid Day

Friday August 15th 7:45 a.m.

BuhBuh: Hey dad, can you open this for me???

Daddy: Sure buddy.


Daddy: WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! POP for BREAKFAST?????

BuhBuh: Don't worry dad, it's "do whatever you want" morning.
runs off sipping his drink

For the past couple of summers I've let the kids have an entire day of whatever they wanted. A mostly, no NO day. They get to eat whatever they want, drink whatever they want, play their video games without mom saying, "turn them off, you've played all day" and they can watch as much TV as possible. Everything has to be safe and still abide to the house rules. Like yesterday when The Boy was watch Cartoon Network, I did tell him to change it to something else because even though it was "do whatever you want" morning, Cartoon Network is mostly off limits in our house.

We weren't able to devote an entire day to this household kid holiday because we had other things to do and have basically run out of summer. So at 11 they were asked to turn everything off, get dressed and brush their teeth...REALLY GOOD. We packed up and made a Subway run then headed to the park for a play date with friends. Then after we got home they were able to play with the neighbor for awhile before Gma and Gpa picked them up for the weekend.

So, even though they didn't get an entire day of doing whatever they wanted, it still ended up pretty good I think.

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Sarah said...

I think kid day sounds like a lot of fun and I want to know when we get Mom day and I get to spend the whole day being pampered!