Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Dude is 3

Little Dude had been looking forward to his birthday since Christmas. We had been talking about celebrating Jesus' birthday and he became very curious as to when we would be celebrating his. We explained to him that his birthday was after Daddy's birthday. He was so excited to celebrate daddy's birthday this year that you would have thought it was his birthday. But not quite. He'd still have one month and one day left to wait.

He would ask occasionally when his birthday was, but patiently waited until much anticipated day finally arrived.

It was so much fun to hear him running down the stairs bright and early on Saturday to discover the house transformed into a party!

"MY BIRTHDAY!!!!" He exclaimed in awe.

I giggled and smiled in my bed waiting for him to come and get me. Daddy did another outstanding job on his streamer art. He said it wasn't one of his best, but he still managed to put a train on our ceiling!

"Here my Thomas Train napkins," he shared for the camera.

We celebrated with our traditional morning gift opening

and cinnamon rolls.

He was so eager to blow out his candles that he didn't even wait for us to finish singing!

We went and met some of his cousins and a friend for a jumpy, slidely fun morning at Monkey Joe's.

In the evening we had some of the aunties, uncles, cousins, grandmas, and grandpas over for dinner. He was so excited to see the gifts because he knew, this time, they were ALL for him! He waited so patiently as we ate dinner and enjoyed the nice day outside until it was time to open gifts.

And then it was time for CAKE!!!! I really had thought that I could make a great train cake. But I knew better. So, ordered one. I wasn't stressed, it looked the way I wanted it to and he was THRILLED to have such a cool cake!

I think he liked it.

The whole day was so much fun. I don't know how much of it he'll remember, but I know that he was happy in that moment and it made all the work so worth it.

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Sarah said...

We had a great time Saturday! Emery slept like a rock :)