Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Letter

Dear Little Dude,

On Saturday we celebrated your 3rd birthday!!! What a fun year it has been. You have grown and changed so much.

(April 2009)

Shortly after you turned two you had your first haircut. You officially lost those sweet, soft, baby curls and instantly turned into a big boy.

(May 2009)

You have had several this past year and you have no problem sitting up in the chair and letting Bob cut your hair. Just this past week you were a little confused though as you called him "Bob the Builder" when he's actually "Bob the Barber" hehehe....

(June 2009)

The biggest change over the past year is that your vocabulary has exploded!!! You can carry on a conversation, tell us what you want, and you are also a sponge to the things which are being said around you.

(July 2009)

It has been a joy watching you with your brothers. BuhBuh has become your friend and that is something I pray lasts. Yes, the two of you have your moments, but what siblings don't. The Boy has really become a good Big Big brother who I know will protect you and you have shown that you feel safe and comfortable with him if I am not around.

(August 2009)

You have quite the obsession (yes, I mean obsession) with trains. We live near two train tracks and as soon as you hear the whistle you want to go outside to see them. This is only an OK thing to do from our home. If you are at Gma and Paw Paw's house, where one of the train passes directly by, you prefer to go inside. Apparently it's just too loud down there.

(September 2009)

You also love monster trucks and all kinds of balls. I was amazed that you were able to identify as many different sports balls as you did one day. You also like to play outside, play games, wrestle with daddy and snuggle with mommy reading books.

(October 2009)

You are a tough kid. You are not afraid to stand up for yourself and you are not afraid to voice your opinion.

(November 2009)

We have worked really hard on helping you to be a better sleeper. You finally moved from our room up to share a room with BuhBuh. The transition was probably a little harder on mommy than you. But, it is nice to have my room back.

(December 2009)

You are not 100% potty trained, but you are doing so good!!! Day time is 99.9%, nighttime is getting better and better, and we are working on getting poops IN the potty!!!

(January 2010)

You are always eager and willing to help me with whatever it is I am doing. "I help you," you say.

This year mommy started going to a MOPS group. Twice a month while I am in my group you go into a "class" of your own. You have the opportunity to play with other kids, sing songs, make a craft and share a snack.

(February 2010)

One day when I went in to get you a little earlier than usual to make an appointment, you looked up from your chair and said, "Snack" You weren't ready to leave yet, because you knew it wasn't time to go. It was time for snack!! Another day I asked about what songs you sing and you sang, "Jesus loves me" I seen you sitting and listening to stories and helping pick up the chairs so the teachers can vacuum. This experience this year has shown me that you are indeed ready for preschool in the fall.

(March 2010)

I love when you come and take my hand and ask me to play with you. It is easy for me to get caught up in the day to day things to do. When you come and get me it reminds me of what is really important right now.

(April 2010)

I love the way you laugh. I love how it takes you 5 minutes to say words like, M&M's and water bottle. I also love they way you say "yellow" so much I will purposely find something that color and ask you what color it is. I love your little hand in mine when take walks. I love our conversations while we grocery shop. I love when you put your head on my shoulder and softly pat my back. I love when you **occasionally** crawl into bed with me and have to be touching me just so you know I am there. I love that you insist, "sit with me two minutes" at bedtime. I love your response to the question, "Where is Jesus?" You say, with the innocents and honesty that I wished I had, "Jesus in my heart." I love that you are in my life.

I look forward to watching you grow, learn and love over this next year.

Happy Birthday Little Dude. Mommy loves you so much!!!!

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