Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ahhhhh......Spring Break

I love Spring Break. It's a little taste of what summer will be like. No early mornings, sun and fun!

We had the most beautiful weather for our spring break last week. I could not have ordered a better forecast if I had tried.

The housework that I did was minimal last week. It was just too nice not to enjoy it with my boys.

The Boy spent the entire week, by choice, volunteering at an outreach lunch program that one of our churches does for the children who live in their neighborhoods surrounding the church. I was such a proud mommy that he chose to do this every day.

Most of the children they minister to during this program are on free and reduced lunch programs within their schools, live in low income housing and when there is no school, most of these children would go without lunch during the day if it wasn't for the program that the Church offers. BuhBuh, Little Dude and I joined him for two of the days this past week as well.

Since it was so nice out during the week we made sure to get outside when we could. We visited two different parks, took a walk in our neighborhood and had lunch outside, twice!

We even spent most of our Wednesday night at Church playing outside.

I had hopes of enlisting the boys into helping me spring clean our living/dining room area and had wanted to work on reading flash cards with BuhBuh. None of that happened.

Today they are back to school. A good, cloudy, rainy day will hopefully make it easier to return to their classrooms. I wonder how Little Dude will do without his big brothers here to entertain him. Hmmm....I wonder how I will do without having the big brothers home to help entertain him (she says as he climbs on her back as she types this telling her there is a monkey on her back!)

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Chervenka5 said...

The Boy suddenly aged 5 years! Oh my goodness he looks all grown up!