Thursday, January 28, 2010

Race Day

It is always a much anticipated Scouting event.

The Pinewood Derby!!!!!!

I'm not sure who enjoys it more....the kids or the dads....but it's a fun event nonetheless.

This year it was BuhBuh who was participating.

It's been several years since our last Derby as The Boy only did Scouts for a couple of years. But The Daddy broke out his handy dandy Derby Tool Box. Complete with wheels, axles and weights.

BuhBuh actually received a lot of help on his Derby Car this year from his PaPa. But he did get to use some power tools I hear. It was also BuhBuh's idea to have a skateboard car rather than your "normal" lookin' derby car.

He won two of his heats. But they go by overall time and he didn't make the cut. But, it was fun watching his skateboard car race down the track and beat the other cars he was racing.

Little Dude was fascinated with the race. He sat and watched the entire thing and cheered his little heart out.

The Boy was acting like a cool 13 year old. BuhBuh was bored out of his mind. It was nice to see the boys bonding in their boredom.

The cool thing about the derby is after the boys all race there is an open race for dads, siblings, moms, whoever. The rules aren't as strict and it is just as much of a much anticipated race, if not more so.

My Sweetie was thrilled to hear this and spent a lot of time working on his car. He hand carved it and put lots of hours into getting it just right.

Can you figure out which one it is????

He was hoping there would be a prize for the "best looking" car. But there wasn't.

He spent so much time making it look good that he wasn't sure how well it was going to race. It wasn't the fastest on the track. He did, however, get lots of compliments on his design.

We are unsure of BuhBuh's Scouting career and whether or not we'll be at next years race of if we'll have to wait a few more years until it's Little Dude's turn.

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