Friday, January 29, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

When Little Dude met me at the bedroom door after a nap one day like this.....

and would tell me each time he was wet I decided it was time to attempt potty training....again.

Back in October I thought I'd brave it and I decided he wasn't ready.

I tried again in early January by putting "big boys" on him and he wet his pants 5 minutes later.

The thing is he still hadn't actually used potty.....he would sit there, occasionally. If we asked if he wanted to go he'd say, "I fine" and proceed to later tell us his diaper was wet.

The following week I had myself psyched up to endure a week of repeated accidents. But we were going to tackle this next step with our chins held high!!!

After returning from a morning outing with the boys I decided to take Little Dude to the potty and put him in big boys since we were going to be home for the rest of the day. And much to my amazement he PEED!!!!!

I was e static!!!!

Since he disliked being wet so much I was certain that once he used the potty the first time and we celebrated it (which we did, by the way!!!) that it would just get easier from there.

Let me tell you what a amazing job he did last week! He stayed dry, used the potty, told us when he needed to go.

He walked around much of last week all decorated with stickers and was oh, so proud.

This week, we have experienced a complete 360 turn around.

We've talked about the stickers and the M & M's that we rewarded him with last week and it hasn't had an impact. We've even told him he could watch a movie/TV if he used the potty and THAT hasn't worked! So the TV has not been on. Today I even threatened not to pick him up and hold him until he went potty. (Seriously, what mom does that!!!! I'm horrible!!!)

Today I'm just frustrated with potty training. For an hour I watched him dance and hop around and whine because he had to go potty soooo bad. He clearly felt miserable. He sat on the potty at least 6 times, partly by his own choice and partly with my promoting and did nothing. Then about 60 seconds after our last attempt he wet his pants.

Part of my frustration I'm sure part of it was because of how well he did last week that I just figured we were done with the process.

It'll get better....right???? The only thing I am hoping for is for him to be daytime trained before his 3rd birthday in April and completely trained before he starts preschool in the fall.


Shannon said...

Oh boy...potty training is never fun, but at least you know they will eventually get it. I wish you guys the best!

So funny that these little guys are doing this at the same time. :) So cute! Good luck!

Sarah said...

I'm impressed he knows he's wet. Emery sits on the potty every day at school but hasn't gone on it yet. He tells me "I poopah!" but won't go on the potty.

And you're asking if it'll get better? LOL. You know it will. You have 2 big boys potty trained already :)

Next Friday early is fine!

Chervenka5 said...

So far, potty training has been my LEAST FAVORITE part of parenting! It'll come, and then you can come back to this post and smile. :)