Thursday, January 07, 2010

Laughter is the BEST Medicine....

One of the things that I love most about My Sweetie is his ability to make me laugh in most any situation.

His boys seem to be following in their Daddy's footsteps.


The other night at dinner BuhBuh was not using his best manners at the table. I was attempting to correct him by asking him to use his silverware. He continued to use his fingers to pick up his meat and was using his "magic" to pull the meat from behind his ears.

"HEEEYYYY LOOOK....." he'd say with a big ole' cheesy grin. "There's MEAT behind my eaarrrr"

Then he'd put it in his mouth.
This made Little Dude of course BuhBuh continues. Who doesn't like to get a laugh???

When I thought it had gone far enough, I again asked him to stop.

He continued to pull meat out from behind his ear and say, "HEEEEYYYYY LOOOK.....there's MEAT behind my ear." and then put it in his mouth....or so I thought.

He was pulling meat out from behind his ear at such an alarming rate that I couldn't figure out HOW he was able to pick the meat up that quickly from his plate without me noticing. And HOW could he possibly have THAT MUCH MEAT in his mouth at once???? Was he holding multiple pieces in his hand possibly????


He was using his new found skill of dinner table magic to pretend to put the meat in his mouth, continue to chew on a different piece then slip the meat down into his hand to pull it out from his ear again.

It's really hard to enforce table manners in this situation. So I resorted to hiding my laugh under my napkin so that I could regain my composure and try again.


Yesterday The Boy came down to the kitchen while I was doing dishes and showed me a piece of partially eaten chocolate.

The Boy: Mom, I think a mouse found my candy and ate some of my chocolate.

Me (with a disgusted sigh because I know that there is currently an unwelcomed friend in our house): UGH! Probably. You should bring your stuff down here so........

The Boy....pops the candy in his mouth.....


The Boy: Walks away laughing hysterically.......


How is this mommy suppose to help with homework in a serious manner when she has to look at this.....

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