Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hand Made with Love

My Sweetie came home from work the other day with a BUNCH of gifts for me!!!!

I got flowers, chocolate, a good book, wine (which I don't drink, but apparently he thought I was having a rough day and might want some anyway) with promises of some quiet time in a hot bath listening to my iPod.

Isn't he amazing????

What's that I didn't cost him a single penny to shower me with these gifts.

Isn't he amazing AND thrifty??!!!

Here they are.....

He even made sure that some of the flowers were my favorite color, purple!!! How thoughtful!!!

And he made sure my chocolates had a MAP! I will NOT bite into a piece of chocolate without knowing what it is I'm biting into. He really did think of everything!

Ahhhhh.....with bubbles. Perfect!

He even made sure to remember the GIANT ear buds needed for the strange sized holes in my head. Thanks, honey!

What a guy! He really does spoil me.

In all honesty really was the BEST card I've EVER received from him because it was hand made with lots of thought and lots of love!!! The fact that the pictures were all stapled to the card stock because his office didn't have any tape, made it that much sweeter.

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