Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sermon Notes:

"The ones who truly change to align with God's ways will be rewarded, and those who refuse lose their reward. This is justice and that is good news" Ouch!

"The reward is available to ALL OF US regardless of what we've done in the past or are right now. THIS is GOOD and THAT is GOOD NEWS!" God's Prevenient Grace is amazing. I thank God for this EVERYDAY. I know I would not be where I am in my faith without it.

"We're like a Christmas tree. As we open ourselves to God's call, as we follow the way of Jesus, as we let God decorate us, we become more beautiful until that day when Jesus comes and says to us, "Well done!" This was the BEST part!!!


It was nice being in Church today. Last weekend we were out of town. Wednesday was a snow day. It had felt like a LONG time since we had been there. You don't realize how much you miss it until you miss a Sunday AND a Wednesday.

Yesterday was a baking frenzy. My friend and I get together every year and bake treats then share with one another.

So, today we had a restful day. I dozed with Little Dude then we all went outside to play in the snow. Once Little Dude got over his fear of snow, it was all good. I didn't take any pictures. Sometimes it's just nice to live in the moment rather than living behind the camera.

We warmed up and snuggle up and watched Christmas Vacation.

BuhBuh knew that tonight we got to light THREE Candles on our Advent Wreath and suggested we read the Legend of the Candy Cane. Again.

What a lovely Sunday. Just what I needed to be ready to tackle the week ahead!

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