Sunday, December 06, 2009

God Winks

Monday night I said a prayer.....after reading a story from the book "When God Winks at You" of a young boy who wanted to test the mysterious power of God, I was prompted to do the same. I wanted to see if I could "receive a direct, personal communication by way of a wink" from God.

I prayed that I would get a phone call this week so that things can continue to progress with my candidacy for ministry (I haven't written much about that yet. Stay tuned. I'll get to it!).

I felt a little guilty praying such a selfish prayer. First of all I had just given God a time frame. I KNOW better than that! Second, there is so much need in this world that is so much greater than mine, and THIS is what I pray for???

By Thursday afternoon I felt a little frustrated.

I came home tonight to a message on my machine from my District Superintendent saying she's going to be in town Thursday and would like to meet.

I think God may have just winked at me.

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