Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas began the first weekend of December for us when we treated our big boys to a weekend in Chicago.

We visited the Shedd Aquarium during the day and strolled down Michigan Ave in the evening.

The next day we went and saw Star Wars in Concert.

It was pretty much complete awesomeness!!!! The boys were all so excited when the first note blared from the stage.

I had a real hard time getting into the swing of all the things "to do" at this time of year. In fact, if we hadn't of had a snow day, I don't know when our tree would have gotten up. But it did.

After the tree is up and the lights are in place one of the kids hangs the first ornament....

...to help us remember WHY we celebrate Christmas.

The snow day also helped us to get a jump start on our baking. I made sugar cookie cutouts and we spent an evening letting the kids decorate. Little Dude had a blast! BuhBuh and The Boy were very, um, creative????

The Boy had a music concert that we attended. He played in the band and sang in the choir. I was pleased to hear some Christian Christmas music played at the "winter concert".

We had the opportunity to host Christmas Eve with my side of the family in our home. I enjoyed getting the house all ready to have some of my family over. We opened gifts, had a candle light dinner complete with birthday cake and ice cream and attended Christmas Eve Candlelight service at our church.

Christmas day was spent at in our home, just the 5 of us. At 7 a.m. I had two little monkey's standing above me in the dark, bouncing just a little and announcing that it was Christmas morning and WHEN were we going to open presents??!!!

We actually didn't get started with the morning until almost 9 a.m. because Little Dude hadn't been feeling well and also didn't get to bed till late. He then had a very restless, coughy night. So we waited for him to wake up on his own. The big boys were very patient.

The Boy noticed that he was getting a lot of "big kid" kind of gifts. But seemed OK with that.

He actually got A LOT of Iowa Hawkeye stuff. He now has a Hawkeye decorated room and enough Hawkeye apparel to wear for 2 weeks straight.

BuhBuh's favorite things were all the new Star Wars guys and ships he got. He was also excited to receive his first "real" Bible.

"This is the BEST book ever!!!!!" He said excitedly as he opened it up.

Little Dude got A LOT of new trains. So we thought it was only appropriate for him to have an engineer costume to wear while playing with his new trains.

It was a fun filled morning of flying monkey's....

baby Jaba the Hut reading the Bible....

and enjoying a new tradition of searching for the pickle...

The Daddy found a pickle ornament and it is a German Tradition to hide it in the tree and who ever finds it wins a prize. So while I made their favorite Christmas breakfast of Monkey Bread they searched high and low. They gave up and tried again. They argued with one another and got very frustrated with this whole process. The Daddy enjoyed every minute of it!!! I even looked for it to no avail. It's hard to find a green pickle on a green Christmas tree!!!

It was only after an attitude judgment and the drive to win that The Boy took a different approach to his search...

and found the pickle.....

The prize??? A penguin that poops out candy.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing with their gifts.

We had another candle light dinner that evening then snuggled up on the couch that evening to watch Elf.

We celebrated Christmas with My Sweetie's family on Sunday afternoon and had an enjoyable time grazing on yummy food and watching the kids open gifts.

Last night my mother-in-law offered to take all 5 grandkids all night long. My Sweetie and I were able to have a Monday night dinner and a movie date which was a gift in itself. I'm enjoying a quiet morning home alone....which I'm suppose to be taking advantage of the opportunity to clean up....but haven't quite gotten that far yet. I wonder how much I can get done in the hour I have remaining before I go pick them up?

Hope you and your families had a very Merry, very Blessed Christmas.

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