Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coffee, Side Kicks and Baby Noses!

BuhBuh made me coffee last week. Daddy was going to be out of town the next day and I said to him, "Who will make me coffee tomorrow?" To which L replies, "I will!" I told him he'd better pay close attention to Daddy then so he could learn how. So off he went to watch.

The next morning he got up out of bed (since The Boy at camp and Daddy was out of town he slept on Daddy's side of the bed) and I heard him in the kitchen getting the coffee ready!!! I laid in bed a bit then decided to go "supervise". The ONLY two things I did was to plug in the coffee grinder and pour the hot coffee into my cup. L had already gotten out the cup and put my creamer in it as well. I tell ya, it was too sweet (him not the coffee, that was perfect!) He can be very ornery and stubborn at times but he does have a sweet heart.

I was so excited to go pick The Boy up from camp!! My dad and I made the drive down. Dad asked why The Boy had to go away to the poor camp. HA! It's not poor, just rustic! When we got there the kids were finishing up their praise and worship time. I always LOVE being able to watch kids singing, loving and praising God. After they were done the group that The Boy had been with did a demonstration of what they had learned that week. Then one by one each of the kids got up and had a chance to break a board. The Boy was one of the only ones who not only was able to break the board but did it on his first try!! It was neat to watch and see his confidence from such an awesome accomplishment!

Little Dude has a new trick. He knows where his nose is!!! He says "nose", smiles and sticks his finger UP his nose. It's so funny!!! And when you tell him, "Don't stick your finger up your nose" he simply laughs and does it all again. It's really cute!

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