Friday, June 20, 2008


So, I thought I'd be a cool/hype/good mom and teach S sign language. I remember the frustration when L was at this age and clearly wanted something but could not communicate. I've been doing signs with S on and off for several months and he had mastered, I would say in a proud mom kind of way, two signs. He does the sign for "milk" which has actually become his universal sign for "drink" It works, I get it...he's not going to flunk sign-language school for substituting "milk" for "drink" He usally just drinks milk now as well. He also knows how to sign "more" Here's my downfall. He signs "more" ALL THE TIME now!!!! So much in fact that I often don't know WHAT he wants "more" of!! HA!! It's really very cute, but then at times I find myself back to that frustrating stage of not knowing what he wants. With that said, my adorable, genus baby can get he needs and wants across with his cute little hands....I think I better study up on more signs and start teaching him some.....MORE!!! :)

Off to pick up M from camp today! HURRAH!!!


Sarah said...

Now if only S could teach Emery to sign. Emery knows whining really well :)

jen said...

As a pediatric therapist, I have found that the "more" trap is one that LOTS of us fall into when teaching sign!!! :) It'll pass as vocabulary picks up. I signed with Peanut--in fact she paired the sign for please with the word for it until she was over 2! I thought it was adoreable. Keep it up mom!

jen said...

As a therapist working with children with special needs, the "more" for everything trap is one LOTS of parents and therapist find themselves in! It'll pass as vocab picks up. I signed with Peanut when she was first learning language. In fact she still paired the sign for please with the word until she was over 2! It was adoreable. Keep up the good work mom!!