Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Small Victories

Despite the woozies, the sleepies and the crabbies I am just so blessed to finally be pregnant. Since we began this journey over 2 years ago I have learned a lot. I'm a different person; a different wife; a different mom. I know that God intended us to have this struggle so I could be where I am now in my life before He blessed us with another child. This process has given me a greater appreciation for the female body and how it works, for conception and for the gift of life; It has given me patient; It has taught me the importance of celebrating even the small victories in life.

Today started off as slow as it has been the past several days. But once I got showered and my Hubby laid some pretty awesome kisses on me before heading out today I had a burst of energy. I was able to dust and clean the glass and do a detail vacuum job in my living/dining area. I was able to tidy up the bathroom and wash several blankets all before L got off the bus at noon. By the time I got him lunch and he was playing with his toys I was feeling a little tired so I laid on the couch and watched some TV. I got yet another burst of energy and was able to tidy up the kitchen and put laundry away. YAY for small victories!!!! I hope that I'm able to continue to maintain my home and provide for my family during this first trimester despite the woozies and sleepies and crabbies. Thankfully my hubby is WONDERFUL and willing to help me in anyway I need him to.

The one thing that has changed the most over the past two years is that I have gained a greater, deeper appreciation for my children. I realize now more than ever what miracles they BOTH are and how lucky I am to be their mom.


mom of 2 said...

I'm glad you had a good day!

LaughterThoughts said...

the small victories are such satisfying victories! i know it can be hard to get yourself moving when you're feeling crummy, but once you get some stuff done, somehow the crummies aren't quite as crummy anymore. :-) good job!

btw, i've seen your current posts on the pregnancy stuff, but i hadn't (until this evening) gotten the background-- i visited your other blog detailing your experiment. then i was even SO MUCH MORE happy for you and the positive results you've had this go around. congrats again!!

Pattie said...

I give you much credit for being up and around doing things when you feel so least it's for a good reason :)

Susanne said...

Here thru boomama. Children are awesome miracles aren't they?!

BooMama said...

Okay - now I feel inspired. I'm NOT pregnant and need to do all those things you mentioned. So if you can do them, even when you're not feeling so hot, SURELY I can overcome a bout of laziness. :-)

Congrats to you and your family!