Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mommy the Grouch!

I've felt so grouchy lately! At my husband at my kids. I just haven't felt like a very nice person. I can usually bite my tongue on a lot of things because i just don't want to be that way. But today when I went into the kitchen to find a tub of melted ice cream with ANTS EVERYWHERE I lost it! Then I realized how I sounded and had been sounding the past couple of days. I've been consciously trying to prevent myself from throwing up and passing out from exhaustion that I sort of forgot about my manners along the way. OOPS!!

Our last blood test we had showed that everything was progressing the way it should be with this pregnancy. My HCG level had been 460 the first day and four days later it was 2,146!!!! It's suppose to double every 72 hours....I'm such an overachiever!
We have our first ultra sound on FRIDAY!!!!!! I'm very anxious to see the heartbeat. I'm anxious to see how MANY heartbeats there are. One would be a blessing....two would be a double blessing. Three I might freak out a little. I'm worried about how I'll feel if I only see one heartbeat. I've been preparing myself for the possibility of twins that I'm worried I'll be disappointed if there's just one. As long as there is a healthy heartbeat that I can see I will be celebrating!

It has been so hard not to be able to share this news with all of the people who know what we've been going through. All of the people who have been hoping and praying for this for us as much as we have. I've had several people ask how things are going and I've just replied "GOOD!" and tried to not say anything more than that. Hubby says maybe in another 6 weeks we can tell people. I think he's CRAZY if he thinks I can wait another 6 weeks! Maybe we can split the difference and wait another 3 weeks.

BuhBuh is home from school today. He threw up this morning right after drinking a big glass of milk. He was so devastated about having to miss school. I tried to explain to him that we can't go to school when we are sick. He said, "but it's all gone now." Poor guy! He's been fine ever since. Has gobbled down 3 pieces of toast and some applesauce. Might go ahead and let him eat regular food for dinner.


flygirl said...

It's sooooo hard to wait to tell people isn't it? I've told family and the few friends that were in "the know" and my boss. But I'm just dying to tell everyone.

I had someone ask me today: "No babies yet?" and I blatently lied. When they asked if we were trying I said, "that's kind of personal."

I felt pretty smug after. :)

mom of 2 said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well...hopefully that will pass soon!! And hope your little guy is feeling better!

Jen said...

I sure hope you feel better......you will Friday.
Good Luck and keep us posted...