Friday, August 18, 2006

First Day of School

My oldest went back on Wednesday. He said he liked his teacher; said he was funny. Today is his first FULL day of school. I can't believe he's in the 4th grade this year! Amazing! We're really trying to encourage straight A's on his report card. Not because we put a huge value on grades, but because we KNOW he is capable!

Today I put my 3 year old on the bus. **GASP** Our elementary school has a PreK program that he will be attending 5 days a week for the morning. I wasn't going to put him on the bus but it really wasn't for any other reason than my own mommy issues. I figured it would be good for him to know how to ride the bus because they take field trips every month and who knows what things will be like towards the end of the school year. He did great! I cried! He seemed to of had a good first day. He told me he wants to go back.

The house sure was quiet this morning. I cleaned the bathroom floor, did some laundry and prepared my Sunday School lesson. I think once I get use to having my mornings to myself I'll be amazed at how fast it goes before he's already home! It will give me a great opportunity to catch up as much as I can on my scrapbooking before baby comes in April. And maybe I can get this house nice and organized! Lord knows with more than 2 children I'm going to NEED it!

Next week is a full week of full days. Surely we'll be getting into the swing of things with our schedules and routines.


mom of 2 said...

Mine went back to school last week...and the time does fly by!! Love the picture of your little one getting on the bus...priceless!!

Jen said...

Schedules & Routines?????What are these? I still cant get on one.
Enjoy your mornings....a new baby will change all of it.
I forgot.

org junkie said...

Mine don't go back until Sept 5th. Enjoy the quiet house! LOVED your comment on my site about the fajitas. I had a good chuckle over that one!! Laura

Glass Half Full said...

Ok - I am looking at your photos anticipating tomorrow!! You put it perfectly: *GASP*