Monday, August 30, 2010


I just got done helping The Boy gather up some pictures for a PowerPoint he is putting together for school.  ***when I was his age....I had to cut pictures out of magazines and paste them onto cardboard"  HAHAHAHA....I digress.....

The project is and ABC project about him....for every letter he comes up with a word that relates to him, a brief paragraph explaining why he chose that word and he has to have a corresponding photo or graphic.

We get to the letter "E"

He tells me the word is evil and he'd like a picture of BuhBuh for his PowerPoint.

I read his paragraph at it says:
"E is for evil.  My younger brother BuhBuh practically defines evil.  He will do absolutely anything to annoy me such as when I start heading to the bathroom he runs straight in, locks the door and takes his famous half hour craps"
The Daddy and I quickly veto him from using a picture of BuhBuh with the title "E is for Evil" and the above paragraph from his project.  
We proceed down the line of letters, looking for pictures and after finishing a picture of H he tells me what he needs for J.  

I asked what happened to I.

He laughs....

I ask him what word he chose for I.

He says "intelligent" and we both laugh.

He's contemplating changing that one too.


Christopher said...

Are you suggesting The Boy is not intelligent?

Becky said... was just a funny ironic thing.....he laughed too, which made it even funnier. :)