Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Pray

We just finished up a combo lesson on Baptism and Communion during our Mid-Week children's program at Church. Last night we made our own bread to use for Communion and the Pastor served Communion to the kids.

Two things touched my heart....

Pastor always invites everyone to kneel at the communion rail after taking communion if they choose. He made the same invitation to the kiddos. I don't usually take time to kneel mostly because it's out of my comfort zone and I can pray back in my pew. Not many others take this opportunity either on our normal Communion Sunday. But I felt nudged to do so last night....I needed to lead by example; if they saw me doing it maybe they would too.

All of the kids went up to kneel and pray at the rail after taking was PRECIOUS! I didn't stay long because Little Dude wasn't cooperating too well, but what a joy it was to watch the little ones kneeling. I especially thought it was cute at how LONG BuhBuh stayed up there!

After we were done Pastor said "Let's close in prayer" Little Dude JUMPED off my lap, looked at me, walked up to the communion rail and folded his hands and stayed there for the duration of the prayer. I didn't close my eyes....I just watched the little ones around me and Little Dude who was up front.

It was a nice way to end before our Mid-Week program takes a little break.


I complimented BuhBuh for taking time to pray after communion last night. I told him that I noticed how long he stayed up there and asked him what he prayed about. He very politely let me know that it was between him and God! Then he said, "God knows our prayers before we say them. But he still wants to us to tell him"

Also today we were talking about the Bible and I asked him WHAT the Bible was. He said, "The Word of God"

He's 6 and just starting 1st grade. I love that my children teach and show me EXACTLY what it is to have the faith of a child. I need to learn from THEIR example!!!

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Chervenka5 said...

Amen! I am challenged in my walk by my kiddos daily!