Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have really taken a liking to organic foods for my family. However, the prices sometimes just make it a real hard commitment to make when I'm trying to feed five. So, I pick and chose what is most important and try to keep my eyes open for deals and coupons and such.

There were all sorts of freebies being handed out. You can imagine my THRILL today when we were strolling in our "downtown" today during our Earth Day Celebration when I spotted a coupon for "Any Organic Dairy item FREE". So, I grabbed one.

After we got home I couldn't understand WHY I didn't grab more than one. We buy Organic Valley milk and that would save us $6-$8!

So, My Sweetie went back downtown to get some more. I was so excited!!!

Well! It turns out they were a raffle was the whole pile!!! You buy a ticket for a dollar and if they draw your name you win them ALL!!!! OOPS!

Seriously, DON'T leave a stack of AWESOME coupons out on a table full of other freebies!

So, My Sweetie proceeded to buy six of the raffle tickets to sort of "pay" for the one I mistakenly took.

Who knows! Maybe I'll win ALL of the coupons

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