Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date Night

Last year we decided with our playgroup friends that we would start a babysitting co-op. There are three families with 10 kids between us. On the fourth Friday of each month one family takes all 10 kids while the other two couples go out and enjoy a date with their spouse. It is the BEST thing, let me tell ya!!! We don't worry about where our kids are, we don't have to pay a babysitter, we don't have to burn out the grandparents and My Sweetie and I can count on and look forward to 8 guaranteed dates with one another throughout the year. When it is our turn to have the kids, we look forward to playing with, entertaining and feeding our friends kids....part of the reason we can do this is because the kids are all so good and enjoy one anothers company.

Tonight it was our turn for a date. We've done your typical date things like dinner, movie, shopping before. It doesn't really matter what we do, it's just nice to have that time. I asked My Sweetie what he thought we should do tonight and he said he had some ideas. He sent me a couple of text messages today which perked my interest a little. Around 4 he came home with some bags of groceries and put together what was obviously a picnic. Cool!!! But he still didn't tell me exactly what we were doing. He kissed me good bye and told me he needed to go pick something up. This totally baffled me!!!! I did notice that he had emptied the trunk of his car though...hmmmm...

With the weather as nice as it was today, I just assumed maybe we'd go someplace and take a walk and have a picnic. After I returned home from dropping the kids off, I pulled into the driveway and My Sweetie had a bike!!! FOR ME!!!! I was so excited!!! Well, excited and see, in the 14 years that he and I have been together I think I've MAYBE been on a bike once!!! Prior to that, maybe sometime in high school??!!

I decided it would be best for me to walk my bike down our hill....there is a busy highway at the bottom and I was afraid of losing control....and even if I would have survived the highway, at the very end of our hill is the Mississippi.

On the river at the bottom of our hill there is a bike path. We rode for about 5 miles pulled off and enjoyed our picnic along the river and then rode back home. IT WAS LOVELY!!! My butt hurts and my legs are wobbly, but it was THE perfect night!!! Good for the heart, soul and body!!!

Not only did My Sweetie buy the food, pack the picnic and buy me a bike....but he rode at my pace, didn't laugh at me too much because of how clumsy I looked (but I never crashed!!), he wore the backpack packed with our was a very girlie light purple, and then when we returned to the bottom of our hill he pushed BOTH our bikes all the way up.

It was just a good night and I had several of those moments that reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.

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Sarah said...

Awesome idea! Sounds fun ;) I actually need a new seat for my bike. You just prompted me to get on that!