Monday, February 02, 2009

Souper Bowl

Our Church collects every year for the Souper Bowl of caring. Even though we are a small town, there is still much need in our area that there is a food pantry located at one of our local churches. Everything we collect goes there. All month long people have been bringing in food items and donating cash. Since yesterday was the Super Bowl after Church The Boy and BuhBuh were asked to stand at the door with soup kettles to help collect additional cash. Aw, how sweet, right???


I went over to check on them and BuhBuh was putting money in the kettle. My first thought was that he was putting his own money in. Aw, how sweet, right???


He wasn't being charitable....he was returning the change in which he had STOLEN from what other people gave!!!! I think he thought I was coming over to set him straight, when I really had NO CLUE!

Then, he kept on digging into his pocket and putting MORE money that he had stolen back into the kettle. First a couple of coins, then a handful of change, then I saw some bills AND EVEN A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr......

I yanked that kettle out of his hand and told him he was DONE!!!! Through his sobs he told me, "But The Boy was doing it too!!!"

I walk over to The Boy who is standing there very innocently and ask him if he had taken any money.
The Boy: Uh, not exactly??? Me: What do you MEAN no exactly? The Boy: I just pretended to take the money and put it in my pocket

YANK went his kettle for being a poor example to the little brother!!!

They received a nice little chew out from both mom and dad (at church!! EEK!) and lost video game and TV privileges for the rest of the day.

Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? Did I forget the to teach them the lesson on you probably shouldn't STEAL money from hungry people??????

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