Friday, February 20, 2009

I HEART Target!!!

It use to be I couldn't leave that store without spending at least $100. BUT, since I've been a little smarter about my shopping I have not been even CLOSE to having a bill that high!!! Last weekend I went to the store with my friend and didn't buy ANYTHING! I didn't have ANY coupons with me...there was nothing I needed. YAY ME!! During a recent shopping trip I had a $20 savings with my coupons! They've had some GREAT meat deals recently too so my freezer has several choices waiting to be used.

My main reason for this post, besides to tell you about my love for Target is to tell you about a way to go and have a chance to win a $15 gift card to Target!!!! WOW! Go and visits Melissa's Bargain Blog to find out how!!! She also has all sorts of good tid bits on how to save and stretch your money. So, go check it out!!!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the post and for sharing the deal about the chicken breasts. I don't regularly check the meat area there, so I guess I need to start!