Monday, February 02, 2009

It's hard to stay mad when....

So, after our little incident at church My Sweetie and I had a meeting. Then we rushed home to get ready for friends to come over to watch the Super Bowl.

It's hard to stay mad when....

The Boy offers to take Little Dude up to his room to play so we can get things done

And when BuhBuh offers to clean all the windows in the house.

So, I guess their gifts are in service NOT in charitable giving. :)

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Sarah said...

Okay, how is it you don't comment for a week and then I have three to read! Have mercy on me!!

I'm laughing out loud at your superbowl incident. I can't help it. I am a terrible mother. Those things make me laugh.

That being said, how's about hanging out with a terrible mother? I've gotten my things done and we start up doctor's appointments soon, so if you have time this Thursday we'd love to see you guys! Otherwise, I have next Thursday open, too.

And you have to forgive our floors. I have a husband who does floors for a living, but mine look like crap. He's too busy doing everyone else's lol.