Monday, October 06, 2008

We need some practice on "Thou Shall not Lie"

We took The Daddy's car up to the bus stop today because that is where Little Dudes car seat was. I let BuhBuh just jump in and put a seat belt on, no booster, for the block and a half trip to the bus stop.

BuhBuh: What if a police officer catches us?

Me: I'm sure we'll be ok.

BuhBuh: If the police pull us over we can just lie and tell them I am 8.

Me: No we won't.

BuhBuh: But if we lie, you won't have to go to jail.

Me: NO!!!!!! We don't EVER lie.

EEK!!!! Should I worry about this one or what??? Maybe I should follow the rules better and make sure he's always in a booster regardless of how short the trip is!!!!


Sarah said...

Welcome back from the weekend! How did it go?

Not sure what to do about that one. Kinda sucks when the kids are watching, too. There's always a lesson waiting to happen.

Hope you had a good weekend. Of course we were thinking about and praying for you :)

Chervenka5 said...

I love how everything is black and white with kids!

The scary, reassuring, humbling part is realizing that God also deals in black and white!