Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantastic Fall Fotos

Fall is always one of my most favorite times of the year. The colors are beautiful, the photo ops are countless, it's hard to be bored and I always think that I'd rather be outside on a brisk day than indoors because who knows when winter will arrive. Here are bunch of some of the things we've been doing lately.

With The Boy in Middle School one of the things we got to do is watch him perform in a special Friday night football pre-game band show! He was able to dress in uniform and they played with the high school.

Picking apples is another fun thing I like to get out to do. Although the day we went it felt more like summer than fall, but we had fun anyway! Fresh picked apples are the best!!! We've enjoyed several apple cakes and apple sauce and Little Dude can eat an apple a day by himself!

Homecoming was next on our list. The Boy got to march in the band for the first time this year too. I sadly missed this event because I was attending Walk to Emmaus weekend which I had committed to long before I even knew when homecoming would be. Thankfully, The Daddy took pictures! Notice the green sticks!!! His favorite color!

We've been so busy these past several weekends with grown-up things to do and the kids have been with grandparents. I feel bad when we have so much at the same time, but I know that things will slow down again and we'll go a long time again living as hermits. HA! Anyway, last weekend was the first that we didn't have too much else going on so we crammed a lot of fall fun into one weekend. Really awesome rest stop off I80 overlooking the Mississippi, Pumpkin , Galena, IL, Mississippi Palisades.....all great opportunities to take some great pictures!

I'm looking forward to yummy smelling candles, pots of soup, hot bubble baths, crunchy leaves, baked pumpkin seeds and cozy couch dates with My Sweetie. Fall time is THE BEST!!!!


Shannon said...

Is fall really the greatest because of all those things or is it really because your birthday is tomorrow? LOL Actually I agree with you! I love EVERYTHING about fall...even the birthday!

Those pictures are great! I love them all!

Sarah said...

Your B-day is tomorrow? So is my sister's...

Great pics! I'm jealous little Dude can eat an apple. Emery can eat an apple, if it's pureed and I shove it down his throat :)

Which pumpkin patch did you go to?

jen said...

Fall is the best, we're looking forward to pumpkin carving and leaf pile raking this weekend at My Life with Dogs!....the pic of you and your 3 boys is wonderful!! Frameworthy for sure.