Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Conversations in his Heart & Allergies

Little Dude:  Do you want another baby?

Me:  Well, if God wants us to have another baby, I would love it!

Little Dude:  God does want you to!

Me:  He does?!  Have you been in conversation with God?

Little Dude:  Yeah.  God in our hearts.

Me:  So you'd like to be a big brother, huh?

Little Dude: Yeah.  I want another brother.

Me:  Well sometimes God gives us little girls though.  What would you think of a sister?

Little Dude:  No.  I don't want a gurl.

Me:  Why not?

Little Dude:  Girls make me sneeze.


Sarah said...

Me, too! Still miss you... :(

Anonymous said...

Becky this is so precious!:) Love it!