Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Letter

Dear BuhBuh,

Happy Birthday!!!!  A few days late....but I was having too much fun to write you a letter.

I hope you enjoyed waking up to the decorated house the morning of your birthday.  But did you HAVE to wake me up at 5 a.m.????  I know, you were excited.  It's really adorable.  I am glad that you enjoyed your new skate board.  It's been cute watching you "practice" in the living room.  You were not happy about me putting the rug back down because it took away your rolling space.

I had such a good day with you on Thursday going with you on a field trip.  You sat with me on the bus and held my hand and had no problem holding my hand while we walked around the county fair grounds.  Thank you sweet boy, that made my day.  We won't talk about how rough of an evening we had that night.  It broke my heart.  But I will always be more stubborn that you.  Don't forget.  OK???

We celebrated as always with a family dinner.  You asked for a "make your own" taco bar.  YUM!!!  Good call!!!  You also asked your Gma B to make her cherry meat balls, your Gma G to make deviled eggs and your GGma G to make cream puffs.  When I was going over the plans for the evening and telling you when we'd open presents, you very sweetly said, "That's only if I get presents mom.  I might not get any.  Maybe a card would be nice."  I loved that you weren't "expecting" anything.  BUT, you did get lots of good gifts.

As a 7 year old you played soccer, baseball and took two sessions of swimming lessons over the summer.  It is so much fun watching you play soccer.  You clearly understand the game.  During baseball you had the opportunity to play catcher a lot which you enjoyed.  You still haven't moved on to the next swimming level, but that's OK because I can tell you are getting really close!!!

You tend to make friends very easily.  Keeping up with YOUR social calendar some weeks makes me laugh but I'm glad that you are having fun with friends.  I fear that you are going to be one of those cool, popular kids.  I don't know if I'll know how to parent a cool, popular kid because that was NOT me in school!!!  You still crack us up with your wit and sense of humor.  I don't write as many of them down as I should. 

You love any one on one time that you get with mom and dad.  You are a great helper to us and to Gpa B when you want to be.  You and Little Dude are such good friends most of the time.  I love to watch you guys play and have fun with each other.  It makes me smile.  I hope the two of you can always be close.  You and The Boy have fewer good moments than I'd like.  But I am hopeful as you guys get older you too will be friends.

1st Grade was a little bit of a struggle.  You worked with both a speech teacher and the Title 1 teacher and did some other small group work.  It seems that working in a smaller group setting works better for you than in a large class setting.  Once you started in the Title 1 reading, it wasn't long until you came home saying "I LOVE READING!"  I was so happy to hear those words.  The teacher you have for that, also goes to our church, and I can understand why you like it so much.  You and I certainly have some hard times doing homework at night.  I really wish we didn't have to struggle like that, but we have to get the work done.  It's hard to come home and be tired and have to do more work when you just want to relax.  I know we will find our groove.  I know we will figure out what works best for you.  I know you will be just fine.

You are such a sweet blessing in my life.  I have enjoyed watching you grow.  But I wish that it didn't have to happen so fast.  Because I am wiser than I once was, I am soaking in the little moments that are precious.  Yes.  I do take a lot of pictures.  But I just don't want to forget.  Ever.  I even love the silly face pictures you make and the I love when you specifically ask for me to take your picture.  You were such a happy beginning to a new start in our life.  You are my daily reminder of just how big God's grace, love and forgiveness really is. 

I have a secret....I know you know it because I tell you the secret every night so I suppose it's not THAT much of a secret anymore, is it.  I LOVE YOU!  And, I have one more secret.  GOD LOVES YOU TOO!!!  OH!  I have ONE more secret.  Even though I love you soooo much, God loves YOU WAAAAY more than mommy or daddy or anyone else here ever could.  Don't forget OK.  And just to make sure, I will continue to remind you everyday before you go to school and every night before you go to bed.

8 is GREAT BuhBuh!!!!!  Let's have fun!!!!!  I can't wait to watch you grow and learn and love and play this next year.
I love you oooooddddles!!!  Happy Birthday!!

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