Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our little "Buh-Buh"

Poor kid! Since he was born we've called L Buh-Buh. Is that a terrible nickname or what?

L is 4 now...just had a birthday. I have such a different relationship with him than I do his older brother because I've been home with him since day one. He's been my baby, my little buddy and it's been great. (I could go into the guilt I feel for not being there for M as much but that's a different post!) I am very guilty of babying him and letting him get away with things I wouldn't have ever let his brother get away with.

He's in PreK this year and LEAVES ME EVERYDAY for FOUR HOURS!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? It's really been a good thing for him (and me). I can tell that he's learning and I can tell that he's enjoying it.

L is ALL BOY! He LOVES anything that has wheels and a motor. Has for years now. I could probably take away all of his toys and just leave a big box of cars and trucks and he'd be content for life.

He is also a very onrey little boy. He will purposely torment his brother just to get a reaction. He says things that make you wonder where it came from. Today for example I asked if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. He told me he wanted a brother. I asked him what he would do if the baby was a girl. His response, "I'm going to leave the house." I'm sooooo bad because sometimes even though he's being naughty I can't help but laugh! And HE KNOWS IT! I fear that he's going to be one of those sneaky kids.

He's a cool kid for all of his special reasons that are completely different than all of the special reasons his brother is a cool kid. He makes us smile and laugh everyday and has been such a joy to our lives.

I KNOW that God has big plans for this little guy of ours. After a year of trying to have a baby with no luck, my husband and I found ourselves separated for reasons having nothing to do with trying to have a baby. After 6 months we were back together and I decided that I was going to leave my job to be a stay-at-home mom and recommit myself to my husband and family. Within weeks of us being back together we conceived L. Such an awesome gift from God. I will cherish it, treasure it and nurture it the best that I can.


Jen said...

What a great plan you have....God will be right beside you the whole way.

flygirl said...

He does sound like one cool cat. :)

scribbit said...

A wonderful story. You're right, a wonderful gift.

mom of 2 said...

Sounds like a little cutie pie!! I think boys in general are ornery creatures and maybe it's being the little brother that really bring it out in them! I know my little guy (he's 5) loves to torment his big sister!!

Courtney said...

Sounds like both your kids are a joy to you. Make sure you set boundaries now though. You don't want to get 5 years down the road and panic. As a teacher I have seen it all. Good luck! Congrats on being so blessed!

Robin said...

There is something about those 2nd born ones. You really need to watch out for them! Hunter has this charming little grin, and even when I should be mad, I can't help but smile. He's just too darn cute!