Friday, September 29, 2006

My First Born Boy

So my son M brings home in his folder in the SAME day a science test with an "F" and a permission slip to do a gifted screening test on him. Ironic?

We had a little discussion that maybe he needs to bring his book home to study before a test. His reply, "But they didn't tell us to." His teacher was nice enough to let him correct his test for some extra credit points. However, he still didn't bring his book home!

I figured we'd go ahead with the gifted screening. He's been fortunate enough these past several years to be involved in the gifted pull-out program. I think he is a very smart little boy; I think he's a lot like his dad. Very intelligent but lacks to see the big picture and importance of trying and working your hardest for the grades you deserve. The test I think will show us just what his capabilities are and give me some better ground for pushing him harder or letting up a little.

He was definitely a super-star soccer player last night. In fact this whole season he's been quite impressive. He's really blossomed into an aggressive, skilled player. Last night when he was playing forward he was able to dribble the ball down the field, maneuver the ball around one defender, maneuver the ball around the second defender and then kick the ball into the corner of the goal to score. It was just awesome! Both my hubby and I (who were on opposite sides of the field) said we got a little choked up about it.

I don't know if it the age, but he has developed this attitude this year. Just a real smart mouth, disrespectful attitude towards us and I even see him treat other adults that way. I don't want to be crabbing to him about his behavior all of the time, but it really needs to stop. I know with the pre-teen/teen years approaching rapidly there will be attitudes and struggles. But I really want us to remain civil and not become a mother-son who yell at each other.

I do think I expect more out of him because he is the oldest. I feel guilty about it a lot but still press on. I need to remember that he's only 9 (almost 10) and not 18. I can be such a control freak when it comes to my kids. I need to trust in God a whole lot more, pray more for my kids rather than getting frustrated with them when all they are doing is acting their age.

He really is a good boy. He does well in school, doesn't get into trouble while there, has a huge loving heart and has such and can just be an all around fun kid. I can hardly believe that it was almost 10 years that I held his tiny 6 lb 2 oz body close to my and snuggled his sweet bald head. I worry about my parenting with him because I'm young and I just don't want to "mess up". I just want to love him and equip him with everything he needs to know for life. Isn't that what we all want for our children?


Kabmom said...

There will come a day when he thanks you for being his mom. It may be one of those times where a profound moment is expected like at graduation or his wedding. Or if your lucky he'll pick up the phone and blindside you with "Have I ever told you how much it means to me to have you as my mom". Until then keep doing what your doing with the best of intentions.

Courtney said...

This is such a tough age. I am a 3rd grade teacher. I always tell parents that this is the age children change. They become more independent and try to test the boundaries. Good luck!

Jen said...

I have a 9 yr old daughter and the mouth on just hormones...and your son has the same thing going on. He is changing....he isnt that little baby anymore and that is a good have molded him..keep him in his faith and keep him honest....God will do the rest.