Monday, April 11, 2011


BuhBuh:  I like being the middle child

Me:  *grinning*  Oh yeah?  Why is that?

BuhBuh:  Because if I were the oldest I'd only have two younger brothers and no big brother and if I were the youngest I'd only have two older brothers and no younger brothers

After this bedtime conversation with BuhBuh, both of these pictures flashed into my mind. 

Mark Twain Lake, July 2009
Starved Rock State Park, July 2010

I love both of these pictures of my boys.

They both tell me a story.

They both capture a precious, shared moment between the three of them. 

They both give me insight into each of their hearts.

They both remind me that despite the moments of arguing and fighting that occur;  despite my worrying about whether or not my boys will grow up and be brothers who are friends; despite me worrying about whether or not I'm treating them fairly because of their "birth order;"  I know...I see that there is a bond between them that only the three of them will ever share.

I pray that it will continue to grow stronger through the years.


Sarah said...

Matthew is looking entirely too grown up. This comment is supposed to be on a few posts ago, but hey, I'm a rebel :) Miss you!

shawnelle said...

Precious. I love the pics, Becky.