Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goals for the New Year

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

In 2009 I will…

…establish and maintain a balance between the God who created me, the husband who swept me off my feet and the children who have melted my heart.

Priority Statement:
To be the servant God is calling me to be, the wife my husband deserves and the mother my children need.

I will continue to strengthen my relationship with God

1. Spend as much time WITH God as I do DOING for God
2. Establish and honor the a Sabbath day as a family
3. We will tithe both salary and commission in 2009
4. Continue with Bible Studies
5. Trust His path for my life

I will make family, friends and taking care of myself a priority

1. Create and maintain a marriage centered home
2. Plan once a month dates
3. Plan an overnight get away

1. Get kids more involved with household chores/projects.
2. Offer fun, learning opportunities after school, on days off and during the summer.
3. Come up with some team building projects for Matthew and Lucas to do together
4. Create opportunities for positive, relationship building, one on one time with each child
5. Step back more often and allow Chad to father his children and respect his fatherly choices/decisions for his children

Butterfield 5
1. Plan and take 2 camping trips this summer
2. Plan 1-2 FAMILY FUN NIGHTS a week (try new things, get creative)
3. Eat together at least 4 times a week

1. Send cards for birthday’s, anniversaries, thank you’s and thinking of you’s
2. Continue to make progress on Scrapbooks
3. Have lunch/dinner with Kathy once a month
4. Re-establish more regular playgroup meetings
5. Participate in Mom prayer group
6. Participate in Baby-sitting co-op with friends
7. Stay in touch with friends who I’ve recently re-connected with
8. Have family/friends over for dinner once a month

1. Begin the candidacy program for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church
2. Have a mommy get away twice a month (groceries, friends, etc)
3. Make time for a daily time of solitude
4. Keep Monday’s as free and open as possible
5. Allow more time for leisure reading both alone and with the kids
6. Give myself 30-40 minutes a day to take a shower and fix my hair and face (not really a goal as much as a reminder that this is something I should do every day! HA!)

I will set up an effective plan to manage my home and focus my mission

1. Reorganize and set up desk as an effective place to manage home and mission projects
2. Move Samuel upstairs
3. Finish up the little details in the living/dining room (lamps, curtains, pictures)
4. Decide on what to do with this house and stick with it!
5. Break home into weekly zones and accomplish 1-2 projects in that zone each week. (Week One: Kids Rooms; Week Two: Kitchen; Week Three: Bedroom; Week Four: Living/Dining/Bathroom; Week Five: Area of most need)
6. Menu plan and make shopping lists accordingly and keep a running list of other home items needed to cut down on extra trips to store and the purchase of other frivolous items.
7. Use salary pay checks for bills. Commission pay checks are for savings and special projects only…not to supplement the month due to overspending.
8. Become more of a sale/coupon shopper
9. Continue with newly adopted “green” habits and adopt new ones for the New Year.


To teach children/youth about God’s love for them and the awesome gift He gave us in His son Jesus Christ.

To live my life as an example and response to God’s grace

To reach out to those in greater need than myself

1. Prioritize my time to the Church that reflect my mission for 2009 while honoring my commitments to my family

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